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AI Applications in Business

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From machine vision to speech recognition, new AI applications for businesses are emerging every day. Although some of the AI technology is in its infancy, there are numerous mature AI applications today that businesses can use to drive productivity and growth. Depending on the sector your business operates, AI can have different applications in specific parts of your operations. For the most part, all businesses can use AI applications in basic operations like support, marketing and sales.

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How can AI improve your business’ support?


The majority of businesses spend a lot of time and capital to run their support operations. Improvements made in support operations can improve profitability, increase customer satisfaction and help allocate resources to other important parts of the business. Using AI applications to help with customer service enables faster response times, reduced research for inquiries and helps support staff focus on the most demanding problems. AI applications for support come with features like chat bots and automated phone and email systems. This allows your business’ support staff to filter customer inquiries and prevent basic frequently asked questions. By having an AI powered support system, call and wait times are reduced by default.



AI applications in marketing:

Businesses can exponentially propel their marketing efforts by using AI applications. Contemporary marketing strategies employed by businesses heavily relies on data to illustrate the results of marketing campaigns. By using AI applications, the data from marketing can be used to deliver more insights and create better and more effective campaigns. AI applications today are driving exponential results in specific aspects of marketing like search, inbound and drip marketing. For example, e-commerce businesses rely heavily on accurate product recommendations to drive sales. AI uses customer data like purchases, search history and previous recommendations to show customers personalized recommendations in real-time. With each scroll or page click, the customer is feeding the AI algorithms to produce better recommendations which results in repeat business.


Sales and AI:

Sales is also an untapped opportunity for AI for most businesses today. Sales reps in businesses spend a lot of their time doing administrative work instead of being in high-priority meetings or in sales-related calls. Using AI can automate the majority of the tasks that take up your sales team’s time like responding to emails, prospecting and other administrative tasks. AI enables your sales team to extend their transactional bandwidth by filling up their sales funnels; this allows your sales staff to be continuously engaged in important sales meetings instead of prospecting for deals.


AI applications can be customized to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking to increase sales or address any other part of your business, an AI application can meet your needs. For a consultation on what AI application is right for your business, talk to an expert here.




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