4 Popular Apps For Businesses in 2020

For small businesses, there are tons of apps on the market that promise to solve specific problems within a business. Deciding which app to use for your business can be difficult because many apps don’t provide tangible results. Here are some of the best apps available today that can transform certain areas of your business.


Accounting: QuickBooks

When it comes to accounting for your business, QuickBooks is a one-stop shop for all your needs. From invoicing and reporting to billing and cash management, QuickBooks provides comprehensive services for your business. QuickBooks differentiates itself from its competitors due to its ease of use, integration and customization. Starting an account with QuickBooks is easy and after inputting data about the main aspects of your business, you can get a complete financial outlook on the progress of your business. With its mobile app, you have quick access to business documents on the go. Its platform serves as an increasing asset the more you use its services. For example, after using QuickBooks for a few months, their software can give you an outlook on your predicted earnings, taxes and more.


Communication: Slack

Slack is one of the best communication platforms for businesses on the market. When you think of any form of communication that your business uses today, Slack has services for it. Whether it’s email, instant messaging, file sharing, etc., Slack integrates all communications under a single, easy to use platform for all the employees in your business. Slack enables you to have different channels for communications between different teams. Whether it’s a contractor, employee or colleague, Slack channels allow your teams to have seamless communication and file sharing. This can be extremely helpful if your business deals with sensitive client information because no one outside the Slack channel can access any documents.

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Payments: Square

Square is one of the best payment apps for small businesses. For businesses that work in retail, Square is the most cost-effective solution for all payment needs. After creating a Square account, Square provides businesses the payment infrastructure to hit the ground running. This includes payment terminals, chip readers and even some capital to start a business. Square provides nearly every virtual payment service a business can imagine. Some of their main products include payroll services, marketing services, customer loyalty programs and more. Square also has partnerships with e-commerce companies which helps their small business customers create websites for their businesses.


Marketing: HubSpot

 For many small businesses, marketing is one of their largest issues. With so many marketing methods available to small business, it’s hard to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to see the most cost-effective efforts. HubSpot is a great marketing platform that educates small businesses on what marketing efforts best suit their businesses. From email marketing campaigns to paid ads, HubSpot shows businesses the impact of their campaigns and how they can convert viewers into customers. HubSpot also allows businesses to try out their services for free to see how impactful their software is. Their comprehensive marketing platform covers all the marketing needs for most small businesses, and you can upgrade as you go.


If you’d like to learn more about how incorporating these apps can help your business, talk to an expert here.


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